Estate Planning

Estate planning is a process that goes beyond drafting a will. The primary purpose of an estate plan is to help a client examine his financial needs and assets in order to pass his wealth on to the beneficiaries efficiently and privately. We here at Azhar Chaudhary Law Firm advise and assist clients on creating estate plans that benefit their loved ones under a variety of circumstances, including those in which clients are no longer able to make decisions for themselves. We believe a client’s estate plan should always include plans for the disposition of all personal and real property, and any family owned businesses.

Traditional plans normally include a last will and testament that is accompanied by a lengthy probate court process. Nowadays, planners implement a living trust to pass their wealth on to the next generation and avoid any unnecessary court intervention. If a client has real property and/or substantial personal property, the client will need more than a basic will. We will dedicate time and to diligently work with clients to develop the most effective plan for them and their family.